7 Simple Steps On How To Add PayPal Button To Facebook Page

Have you ever wondered about how you can Add PayPal Button To Facebook Page? If you have, then you can relax and go through the step-by-step direction on how to add the button to your Page.

add paypal button to facebook

Meanwhile, we have received a lot of questions on how to Add PayPal Button To Facebook Page from our visitors and others on this website. Therefore, we came up with this easy guide to help them achieve their aim and solve this issue.

Maybe you are a business person or a private individual and you have a Facebook page where you market your products or services. And you want people to have access to pay you online for purchases from your Facebook Page. Then, you can just sit tight and learn the 7 simple steps to add PayPal button to your Facebook page. Prospective buyers can click and follow the button and pay you for their purchases.

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We are not going to take much time in taking you through this steps, but you have to note that you must a PayPal account before you can use PayPal on your Facebook page. So, simply follow the steps below to create a PayPal account so that you can be able to add your PayPal account button to your Facebook page.

How To Create PayPal Account Online – www.paypal.com

  1. Visit PayPal official website through this URL www.paypal.com
  2. Tap on the ‘Sign Up’ link at the top right corner of the homepage
  3. Then, select Personal or Business Account depending on your choice. If you have a business, you can open a PayPal account
  4. On the next page, select your Country, Create Your Password and Confirm it, then, enter your Email Address
  5. Afterwards, tap on ‘Create Account’ to continue to the next steps
  6. The next step requires your Basic and Location information. Fill out the information as required
  7. Then, choose your Primary Currency, Check the box which has Terms & Conditions and tap on Continue
  8. Complete other requirements and confirm your PayPal account creation. That’s all for PayPal Account Sign Up

Now, you have successfully created your PayPal account, let us therefore proceed to learn how to add PayPal Button to your Facebook page.

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How To Add PayPal Button To Facebook Page – Let’s Get Started

To add PayPal Button To Facebook Page is not a difficult task to complete on PayPal. However, you need to get your PayPal Donation Page which you will paste on the required space in the course of this tutorial. So, go to your PayPal account and get the donation code for your account there. Save this on a save place where you can easily retrieve when needed. Then, continue with the steps below. The code looks like this;

add paypal button to facebook

1. Log into your Facebook account and install the ‘Static iframe Tab’. Simply type Static iframe tab on your Facebook Search bar and search.

add paypal button to facebook

2. Click on ‘Install Page Tab’ at the bottom of the page that appears next. Select your Facebook Page that you want to add a PayPal button to and Add Page Tab

add paypal button to facebook

3. Then, check the box with ‘Show Share Buttons at The Top Of The Page‘ and select the HTML section

4. Copy the HTML Code of your PayPal account and paste it in the space provided for it in the Static iframe tab setup page

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5. Then, complete other settings below if you wish and change the Button Name to ‘Donate’.

6. Download the PayPal Image from any source and Upload it using the ‘Image’ Link below the Static iframe setup page

7.  Afterwards, click on ‘Save Settings’ to complete the process. You will then see the PayPal anytime you open your Facebook page. That’s all!

I hope you were able to add a PayPal button to your Facebook account following the steps above? If there are any challenges regarding How To Add PayPal Button To Facebook Page, let’s know using the comment below.

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