Google Keyword Tool Free – Free Keyword Planner Sites To Replace Google AdWords

Google Keyword Tool Free – Before now, Google Planner, AdWords and Keyword Research are free from the google AdWords website –

google keyword tool free

However, over time Google did series of updates on their websites and online products and this brought about a lot of changes that have affected so many people including me.

But, you know group is committed to surfing the internet to find lasting solution to problems online. As a result, we came up with a solution here for our visitors especially bloggers that visit this website looking for Virgin and Fresh News.

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Google Keyword Tool Free is important in terms of choosing the high paying keywords with high bits and average search. If you are a blogger and you are interested in making more money from your contents, then, you must choose keywords with high CPC and Average search online. For old bloggers (like people that started 2 years ago), using Google Keyword Planner is free of charge. This was before the recent update by Google Inc. Meanwhile, new bloggers find it difficult to use Google Keyword Planner which is the most accurate and effective. But this doesn’t mean the end of the road for them as we have compiled a list of websites where you can get the best combination of words as keywords free of charge.

If you are asking if these websites are free? They answer is yes. They are just free of charge without paying any dime. Using Google Keyword Tool Free websites will allow to find the best Keyword to use for that article you want to write and also suggest tags that are related to the keyword.

This article is solely written to alert you of these websites and let you start using them immediately to boost your earning on Adsense. Remember, using Keywords with high paying CPC is one of the recognised ways of increasing Adsense earnings. So, let’s see these websites below.

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Google Keyword Tool Free Websites

Here is a list of free websites where you can get high paying keywords and do a keyword research online to know the best keyword to use.

  3. (Highly recommended)

The five websites above are good in terms of giving you what best to use as a keyword. Also, they are totally free of charge. I have used and still using them. They are working well and has little or no problem.

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How To Use These Google Keyword Tool Free Websites – Start Here

Using these websites is not difficult and requires little or no skills. We have also made it easy for you to use below. All you need to do is to;

  • Visit any of the websites through your device
  • Enter the main word from which you want to write on, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Imo, Business, Online Dating, Free Website Hosting etc and search
  • Then, complete the ReCaptcha therein to proceed (for some websites, you may not need to complete ReCaptcha).
  • The list of Keyword suggestions will be shown with their CPC and Monthly Average Search Volume
  • Then, you can select from any of them and publish your post. That’s all!

I hope this was helpful? Feel free to use the comment box and tell us your challenge in doing any of the things above. Want to also know HOW TO INCREASE YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC?

One thought on “Google Keyword Tool Free – Free Keyword Planner Sites To Replace Google AdWords

  1. Ivan Palii says:

    Actual and detailed tutorial. Thanks for a lot.
    Really, for a long term, Google Keyword Planner was one of the best tools for keyword researching. But at some point, users became limited in the important functions. As a result, there are two problems every SEO master have in using that tool.

    1. You need to have an Google Adwords account to make a research. But in many cases you don’t need it at this time.
    2. You can’t see an exact number of average monthly searches for results. Divarication is too big that such information have no valuable to us.

    Share your opinion about it, please.

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