Rep Probes MMM Nigeria – MMM To Stop Operations In Nigeria Soon

Rep Probes MMM Nigeria – MMM To Stop Operations In Nigeria Soon

It is now an issue that the Federal government of Nigeria through the Central Bank of Nigeria  and other

financial institutions are trying their best to put a stop to MMM Nigeria.

Millions of Nigerians have benefited from this ‘wonder bank’ (as it is been called). Some have been paid in Thousands while others in Millions.

One Nigerian, Akintole, said that following the present situation that a lot of people will be frustrated if the Federal government continues to disturb this blessing to Nigeria.

Rep Probes MMM Nigeria – MMM To Stop Operations In Nigeria Soon

However, we gathered today that the House of Representatives have passed a bill to probe MMM Nigeria.
Rep Probes MMM Nigeria
The House issued a directive to its committee on banking, currency and

financial crimes to investigate the operations of the internet-basedbanking scheme, MMM Nigeria.

The decision was adopted by two-third majority of the House after a motion sponsored  by Hon Saheed Akinade-Fijabi, Senator representing

Ibadan North West/South West Federal Constituency on the need to checkmate the activities of the scheme and its high level of possible returns was debated on.

According to the discussion, the Senators said that they are only worried about Nigerians that will come complaining about being robbed by the scheme.”

‘It has not happened yet, but we are sure that this is a road-map to a venture that its downfall will be resounding.’

The Lawmakers after serious deliberations resolved that ‘every citizen of Nigeria to decease from the network as the

Law will take appropriate measures on any body found indulging in the scheme henceforth.’


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