MMM’s Fate In 2017 │ Will MMM Crash By 2017? – VirginJist

MMM’s Fate In 2017 │ Will MMM Crash By 2017? – VirginJist

This has become today’s popular question, whether MMM will crash or still boom before 2017 as the Christmas period is at the corner.

The truth is that MMM Money Ponzi Scheme as the name implies is a self sustaining scheme where there are no investors or investments to be made. As a sender/receiver, you are just connected to another receiver/sender through the platform.

Well, MMM’s fate in 2017 is as bright as it is was when it was first introduced anywhere around the world. It is a registered company operated by three Russians with the aim of assisting the world financially.

MMM’s Fate In 2017 │ Will MMM Crash By 2017? – VirginJist

Although it was not the their initial plan to start up this type of Ponzi Scheme, MMM, but when they started it succeeded and today billions of people around the world are benefiting from this scheme.

Why MMM Will Not Crash Anytime Soon

First, so many people are afraid and are withdrawing from the scheme because of the rumor that it has crashed in a lot of countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa and the rest of them.

But the question is ‘why will MMM crash in those countries?’ The alert that MMM crashed in many countries are just Scam Alerts, they are not real! Rather, hackers created similar websites to that of the official MMM website.

Please note this, it  is very important;

If you receive any mail on your email claiming to have been sent to you through MMM support group, please be careful to confirm whether the mail came actually from the MMM support group or it is a scam.

Example, any sender address that comes with this type of account, <> or a verification link of the form Please disregard such mails as they are hand-works of scammers trying to withdraw money from your wallet in MMM and thereby scam the platform MMM.

MMM’s Fate In 2017 │ Will MMM Crash By 2017? – VirginJist

Let me explain why you should disregard such mails. You should because they are not just real, they are fake. They sender address above is not official to MMM, it is somebody’s Email account <> MMM doesn’t not operate with a gmail account.

Again, the verification link above, does not lead to a secured website. It has only ‘http’ without an ‘s’. A secured website such as that of MMM is always started with a ‘https‘. Try it. Visit and compare it when you visit

Also, to login to your MMM account, you only need to visit and not This is someone Else’s wallet account which when you use it to login, the owner of the wallet can access your account and do whatever he/she wishes in it.

So be careful, visit to get more direction anytime you are not sure of what to do.

The activities of this scammers have created fear in the minds of people and some writers concluded by saying that MMM has crashed in this and that places. Those news are not just real, they are fake!

MMM’s Fate In 2017 │ Will MMM Crash By 2017? – VirginJist

Second, let me educate you more on a number of reasons why MMM will continue to boom in Nigeria and other countries. They are just simple. 

1. Money donation in MMM is not to any official account, it revolves around participants and so you are not giving your to MMM Ponzi Scheme company. This means that the scheme is almost been operated by the participants as they decides what happens in some cases.

2. They Mavro which some see as interest is just a reward for providing a help to other members of the community. The expected growth rate of Mavro brings about the 30% Mavro and 2oMavro USD and this growth is not steady, it changes in order to suit the current trend.

3. MMM adjusts its algorithms for matching senders with receivers and receivers with senders as well as the algorithms for Mavro reward. This adjustment improves the Community and save participants better.

4. MMM just connects senders and receivers. Financial transactions is not what MMM is about but it tracks financial transactions between members. The main thing is its members’ behavior.

The aim of MMM is not to make people rich, but to change their mindset towards giving. Members should not cast their whole hope on MMM expecting to get rich through the scheme because it is not a money making scheme.

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Lastly, MMM cannot crash because when you ‘provide help’, there is a participant somewhere who is ready to ‘get the help’, and when you need a help, there is also a participant somewhere to render it to you.

MMM is just a blessing to help people actualize certain dreams!


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