Visa Lottery Application 2018 Form Is Out │See Eligible Countries & How To Apply

The newly elected president of the U.S.A. have announced that Visa Lottery Application 2018 is ongoing now. Interested candidates who are from eligible countries in the list should apply so that consideration of application will start immediately.

Visa Lottery Application 2018Dear Applicants this is your chance to legally live and work in the United States of America with a US green card.”

Every year, the United States government issues 55, 000 Green Cards through the Diversity Visa Program, commonly known as the Green Card Lottery.

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So, if you are among those that have been aiming to obtain a Green Card and legally move over to America. You can relax and go through this article – Visa Lottery Application 2018 Form Is Out │See Eligible Countries & How To Apply.

Here, we are going to see everything you require to move over to the U.S.A, live and work there. Remember, this is a lottery, so you will fully get the financial assistance you need to travel and live in America through the program.

Now, let’s see a list of countries that are not eligible to apply for the program. Natives of countries other than the ones below should go ahead with Visa Lottery Application 2018. Applicants should also note that this year Visa Lottery is called DV-2019 Lottery. The 2019 there means that selected candidates will move over America by 2019 and not 2018.

List Of Non-Eligible Countries For Visa Lottery Application 2018

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Bangledesh., Dominican Republic., Mexico., South Korea., Brazil., El Salvador., Nigeria., United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland)., Canada., Haiti., Pakistan., Vietnam., China (mainland only)., India., Peru., Colombia., Jamaica., Philippines.

However, natives of any of the countries listed above can also apply for program. This will be done based on the country of birth of your parent or spouse. DV-2019 Lottery have made it possible for these people to change their eligibility to either their spouse or parents country of birth. You may visit the official website through the link below to see details of this.

At this point, let us quickly know the requirements for Visa Lottery Application 2018 (DV-2019 Lottery). Below the requirements, you will see how to apply for the program.

Requirements For Visa Lottery Application 2018

The requirements to apply for this program are just two and they are very clear and simple.

  1. Applicants must come from a qualifying country. Natives of the countries above are not qualified. However, they can change native through the way described above.
  2. In addition to above requirements, applicants must also meet up with one of the following options;
  • The first option is that they must have completed a 12 years US High School education or a foreign equivalent from elementary to secondary school.
  • The second is that they must have worked in any of the listed occupations for at least two years within the last five years. See the list.

Finally, let’s see how to go about Visa Lottery Application 2018. But, note that the selection would be done by a random computer generated drawing.

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How To Go About Visa Lottery Application 2018 (DV-2019 Lottery

Please ensure you follow these steps carefully and avoid any mistake. As it may affect your registration.

  1. Visit through any browser and read more if you want. But the information here is enough to guide you through the registration.
  2. Open this link here to begin your registration. Remember to read the eligibility criteria and requirements carefully here before applying.

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