Celebrity: Why Kanye West’s Illness Grew Worse – Virginjist.com

Celebrity: Why Kanye West’s Illness Grew Worse – Virginjist.com

The 39-year-old rapper, Kanye West, was reported to be afflicted by an ailment suspected to be psychiatric issues some hours before his tourism trip on Nov. 21.

He was rushed to UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric analysis as his behavior then was getting out of control.

The pop-star’s ailment was discovered by the Center to be a long term psychological issues which he has neglected.

However, the illness they said is controllable by medication and drugs were prescribed for him.

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After a week of administering the drugs, West was discharged from the hospital but his erratic behavior now has no genuine explanation as many have suggested different cause.

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Celebrity: Why Kanye West’s Illness Grew Worse – Virginjist.com

Today, a report from an unconfirmed source claims that the singer digressed from the normal prescription of drugs for him.

He digressed from the drug dosage prescribed for him and went into what is regarded as “Quasi Drug Abuse”. This led to his sudden breakdown.

His wife, Kim Kardashian was robbed of millions of dollars at gunpoint in Paris on Oct. 3 and this is believed to have added to his ‘mental breakdown’.

West has not been his normal self ever since the robbery because he thought something bad would have happened. He have nightmares often even without sleeping after the incidence.

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However, Kanye West is now receiving treatment in his house and his wife confirmed that he is responding fine to the treatment.

His fans are happy because of his fast recovery. There are rumors online that West and his wife Kim have separated because of his ailment, but Kim denied the news. She said “I have to be strong so that I can take care of our children – North and Saint.”

However, the Doctor at the Medical Center advised Kim to keep their Children away from West for now until he fully recovers.

Kanye West’s illness has taken him away from the music industry for few weeks now since Nov. 21, 2016.

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