X Factor 2016 Winner, Matt Terry, Says ‘No Deal With Cowell’s Label’

X Factor 2016 Winner, Matt Terry, Says ‘No Deal With Cowell’s Label’

It has ever been a routine thing for the winner of any X Factor series to sign a deal with X Factor founder, Simon Cowell’s record label. But this year’s winner is not playing to that tune.

Matt Terry who’s the X Factor 2016 winner have decided to join another record label instead of Cowell’s Syco record label. Maybe he has something unique in mind while auditing for X Factor.

The 23-year-old winner explained that he would like to join Cowell Syco Record Label but “I know what I want and that was why I came applied in the first place,” Terry said.

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Out of the twelve (12) contestants in the final stage of the competition – 5 After Midnight, Sam Lavery, Emily Middlemas, Gifty Louise, Four of Diamonds, Ryan Lawrie, Freddy Parker, Bratavio, Relley C, Honey G, Saara Aalto, Matt emerged as the winner.

X Factor 2016 Winner, Matt Terry, Says ‘No Deal With Cowell’s Label’

X Factor 2016 Winner

Matt Terry Sheds Tears Of Joy As He’s Announced Winner

This was possible with his debut Christmas single titled “When Christmas Comes Around”.  Today Matt Terry’s “When Christmas Comes Around” is likely to be a common this Christmas with thousands of download already.

You Can Also Join Thousands And Listen To Matt’s Single From: ITUNES, SPOTIFY, AMAZON, and APPLE MUSIC.

The single is not yet on Google Play. I will update this post to inform you immediately it is available on Google Play.

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As a tradition, “When Christmas Comes Around” by Matt Terry is supposed to be released by Cowell’s Syco Label but both Simon and Sony believe Matt would make a good label mate Olly’s on Sony RCA. Therefore Terry signed a deal with Sony label RCA instead of Syco label.

Meanwhile, a source reveals that Simon is secretly looking out to sign Honey G – one of the final stage contestants. Since the winner of this year’s X Factor series is not signing up, Simon must find an alternative.

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