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Dailymotion Videos Download will teach you all you want to know about Dailymotion. As well as how to download videos from the website.


Dailymotion.com is a video-sharing website where users can upload, watch and share videos.

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The website is based in France and provides all types of movies from all categories to its users. Using Dailymotion website will make you not to stress yourself trying to upload or download movies online.

Just like other video and movie website such as StumbleUpon, YouTube and Vimeo Videos, Dailymotion provides an easy way through which you can tell the world about your dream in just one click. But unlike these movie website Dailymotion allows users to download videos from the website.

Like I said earlier, the purpose of this article is to teach us Dailymotion Videos Download. How you can save your videos for offline use from Dailymotion website. We are going to start this way. First of all I am going to show you how to upload videos to Dailymotion. Then, I will show you Dailymotion videos Download – which is the main business of this article.

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Dailymotion Videos Upload│How To – Let’s Get Started

This is just simple to do. The first thing to do here is to make sure that your video is saved to your device. Then, proceed with the steps below;

  1. Go to Dailymotion official website through www.dailymotion.com
  2. Then, tap on the Upload link at the top right corner of the page
  3. You’ll be prompt to sign in your account or create a new account
  4. Enter your email address and click on ‘I have a Dailymotin account’ if you already have an account. Or click on ‘I want to create an account’ if you don’t have an account yet
  5. Then, enter your password, confirm the password and choose a Channel Name of your choice
  6. Type in the code that appears and click ‘Create’ below the page to create your account.
  7. Once your account is created, you can now tap on Upload again and select from any of your folders, the video you want to upload. That’s all!

Note: You need to open your email address and confirm your Dailymotion account in order to be able to use the complete tools available on Dailymotion.

Now, let’s see how to download videos from Dailymotion website. You don’t need any special skills to do this. Just read through the steps below carefully.

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Dailymotion Videos Download│How To – Let’s Get Started

  1. Log on to www.dailymotion.com through any browser
  2. Tap on the video of your choice from the website and copy the link location
  3. Then, open the link here and paste the link you copied in the long box provided for it
  4. After that, you create a Download link for the video you want to download
  5. Then, tap on the download link to begin your download. That’s all!

I hope this helped? Feel free to share this article to friends and family to benefit them.

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