MMM Resumption News │MMM Nigeria Resumes On 14th Jan., 2017

Participants of MMM Nigeria express their happiness with this recent news – MMM Resumption News. Their hopes are raised high as the said date for the resumption of the Ponzi scheme draws near. has been updating members of the community about important news from the MMM Community. MMM Resumption news has been slated to be on the 14th of January, 2017.

MMM Resumption News │MMM Nigeria Resumes On 14th Jan., 2017

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However, the question in the minds of Nigerians within and abroad is ‘will MMM truly start paying by this time.

mmm resumption news

I write this article to assure participants of the said date that MMM will resume. It’s indisputable that MMM will resume on 14th Jan., 2017.

There are thousands of reason why MMM participants should believe that MMM will surely resume. Since the news came on December, 12th 2016, many Nigerians have been running hater scatter. Many people thought their money/funds have gone because they refused to read the news properly and also check their personal office on MMM.

MMM Nigeria has on 12th Dec., 2016 announced that there will be no Getting of Help (GH) from the scheme until 14th January, 2017. Members could only provide help on the platform but cannot receive money.

It was a sad news then to many people, but the Mavrodians have assured members that they are going to smile again. “Every other features in MMM have been working properly except that of GH since the release of the news on 12th Jan., 2017” said Sergio Mavrod.

‘We closed members from getting help because it is in our interest to sustain the scheme. Most participants are requesting to withdraw their money and the number of people withdrawing are more than those paying.’ If MMM had continued that way, the system would have crashed.

Sergio Mavrod added that “After all the normal date for the release of any Mavro for payment is 30 days, so why won’t our members wait till 14th Jan., 2017.”

MMM will crash if by 14th , members are not allowed to withdraw their money. But this is not possible. The Mavrodians have confirmed that this is their business and source of livelihood. Therefore they cannot just shut down without proper arrangements.

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Why MMM Must Resume On 14th, Jan., 2017 │MMM Resumption News

  • Members can still login to their personal account and do their normal business.
  • They can still provide help and wait to be matched with another participant by 14th.
  • MMM is still recruiting guiders into guiders school. Why will they recruit guiders if they scheme will not work by 14th?
  • Other features like ‘PROMOS’ have also been added to the Menu’s list. You promote MMM and get paid for your time.
  • Mavro still visits on Tuesdays and Thursday at 00:00GMT. Always check your Mavro growth at these times.
  • These and other features are still working properly on MMM.
  • Guiders are been mandated to pay members of the community upon resumption

Now, I think you can be somewhat convinced that MMM Nigeria will still work again.

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  1. I knew that mmm nigeria ll not crash, because God has just brought the scheme to uplift the less privileged in Nigeria. Am a living eg. Since my encounter with mmm. My life automatically changed for Good. The earlier you join the better

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