U.S. Elections: Donald Trump Is “Uniquely Unqualified” To Be President-Obama

U.S. Elections : Donald Trump Is “Uniquely Unqualified” To Be President-Obama Claims

Barack Obama claimed on Thursday that Donald Trump is not fit to run in the forthcoming U.S. elections.

The Republican presidential candidate, is “uniquely unqualified” to be the president and commander-in-chief of the United States of America,’ Obama said.

In his speech at a rally in miami, Florida, in support of the Democrat, Hillary Clinton, Mr. Obama said “Trump is “temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief” and has shown no regard for the working people”.

It is clear that Obama has formed an allegiance with Hillary Clinton since the start of the presidential elections.

“You don’t come close to Trump except you are a celebrity or a wealthy person.”

“He lived all his live associating with people of high reputation and really wealthy folks”.

“You can never see Trump hanging out with the working people except for those that are cleaning his room or mowing the fairway at his golf club”, he added.

Mr. Obama also pointed out that Trump has shown no regard for the women folk by saying that “women are pigs”.

“Our diversity is our strength” but Trump has refused to acknowledge that fact. He insulted the minorities, Muslims, immigrants and Americans with disabilities, Obama told the rally.

He urged Hillary Clinton’s supporters at the rally to take advantage of this facts and vote earlier for Mrs. Clinton ahead of the Tuesday, 7th Nov., elections.

Hillary Clinton has earlier in a rally at North Carolina asked the people if they will vote for someone that has never contributed to the development of the country yet has taken away a lot from her.

“Are we going to work together to build a stronger, fairer and better America? Or are we going to fear the future and fear each other and hunker down and be paralyzed by all of our prejudices? She asked the rally.

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