Ethiopian Ant Invasion │Ants Showing Global Invasion Threat

Ethiopian Ant Invasion │Ants Showing Global Invasion Threat

Ethiopia is now in danger as scientists discover an infamous specie of the ant Lepisiota they called Lepisiota canescens in the ancient church forests of Ethiopia.

A team of scientists who were conducting a recent biodiversity research in the Ethiopia surprisingly discovered this specie of ant that are already organizing themselves into a super-colony of ant.
Ants have been known for a long time as insects that form colonies. 20 genus worldwide have been discovered to form super-colonies.

A post-doctoral researcher, D. Magdalena Sorger who was with the team at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences told Insectes Sociaux team that the discovery is significant for two reasons.

Ethiopian Ant Invasion │Ants Showing Global Invasion Threat

The first is that the “super-colony formation in ants is rare, with documented cases of only around 20 species worldwide.”

Second, “other species in the Lepisiota genus have recently made headlines as worrisome invasive species, one in South Africa’s Kruger National Park and another that shut down Australia’s Darwin Port for several days. “

From the scientists’ discovery, the ants are forming very powerful colony. If urgent steps are not taken to stop this ants, there is a possibility of them causing a global harm.

“The species we found in Ethiopia may have a high potential of becoming a globally invasive species. Invasive species often travel with humans. So as tourism and global commerce to this region of Ethiopia continues to increase, so will the likelihood that the ants could hitch a ride, possibly in plant material or even in the luggage of tourists. All it takes is one pregnant queen. That’s how fire ants started!” Soger said.

This lepisiota canescens super-colonies were first discovered in forests owned by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (forests usually surround Orthodox churches in Ethiopia majority of which are just Oasis).

 The super-colonies just like other colonies have no natural limits. They travel with humans, and have expanded beyond the perimeters of the church forest. One of the colonies discovered has stretched to about 24miles.

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The scientists therefore call for urgent action to stop this dreadful ants from invading the globe. This may starts from knowing what this specie does in their natural habitat.

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