Science Technology Project Topics – How To Write A Good Assay

Science Technology Project Topics – How To Write A Good Assay

Often times, writing a good project work is not a problem. The difficulty is always how to find a wide topic that has materials one can use to make the topic nice.

The problem even becomes harder if you have an area of interest in your field. Choosing an appropriate with enough information is not an easy one.In this article, I will guide us on how to make your work on Engineering field, especially for Science & Technology including Food Science & Technology students look accepting and superb.

Your mates will wonder how you got it! It is for the most intelligent, just understand the steps and what is expected of you under any Chapter and sub-heading.

List Of Some Important Project Topics Under Food Science & Technology

Here are some topics in Food Science And Technology that you can select and expand on;

1. Effect Of Storage Time On The Functional Properties Of Wheat/Bambara Groundnut Blend

2. Production And Acceptability Studies Of Malted Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor) Biscuit

3.Production Of Mixed Fruit Using Fuse Locally Soured Citrus Fruits Orange (Citrus Silences) Tangerine Citrus Reticulate) Lemon C Groups (Citrus Paradox)

4. The Effect Of Processing On Afzelia Africana (Akpalata) And Brachystegia Spp Flour As Soup Thicker

5. Physico – Chemical And Organolepticproperties Of Flour And Fufu Processes From Cassava Varieties

6. Production Of “Ogiri” From Soyabean Using Micro Organism Responsible For Fermentation Of Castor Beans Seed “Ogiri” (Commercial “Ogiri”)

7. Production Of Mixed Fruit Using Fuse Locally Soured Citrus Fruits Orange (Citrus Silences) Tangerine Citrus Reticulate) Lemon C Groups (Citrus Paradox)

8. The Effects Of Different Processing Techniques On The Organoleptic Quality Of Soymilk Processing And Storage

9. Use Of Composite Flour Blends For Biscuit Making (Peanut/Cassava Flour) Chemical And Sensory Evaluation Of Peanut Butter

10. The Influence Of Processing Methods On The Protein And Cyanide Content Of African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis Stenocarpa)

11. “Margarine” Production Using Oil Blends From Palm Kernel, Coconut And Melon

12. Promote Composition Of Pleurotus Tuberrcogin

13. “Quality Characteristics Of Bread Produced With African Star Apple Fruit Coat (Peel)

14. Effect Of Steeping Period On Yield And Acceptability Of Starch Extracted From Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor, White Variety And Red Variety)

15. Consumers Acceptability And Physio Chemical Quality Of Breakfast From Malted Sorghum (Sorghum Vulgarc Var K.S.V.S) “Acha” “(Digitaria Exilib) And Cassava (Manihot Esculante) Starch

Chapter By Chapter Guideline On How To Write Your Work

After selecting a good topic, what next?

Throughout this article, I will use the topic “Quality Characteristics Of Bread Produced With African Star Apple Fruit Coat (Peel) As Improver” as a focus topic.

1. Abstract: Abstract is the summary of the entire work. It comes at the beginning of any project work but it is the last thing to write. This is because it includes;

  • A statement of the project topic.
  • Short explanation of the Keywords of the study i.e the major thing the examiner or you the writer is looking at for. In this our case, the Keywords are; Bread, African Star Apple and Improver.
  • Brief statement about the Materials and Method used in the study. I will discuss materials and method under Chapter Two of this article.
  • A statement of the Parameters analyzed in  the work. Parameters are the analysis carried out in the work such as Vitamin C Content Determination, Proximate Analysis, Anti-nutrient Content Determination (Saponin, Phytate, Alkaloids etc), Phytochemicals among others.
  • A summary of the results obtained-stating whether there is a difference in the values and the degree of the difference. This is referred to as the Significant difference. Two values that are different are represented by p=0.05, or p=0.1, depending on the level of significance one working at.
  • A brief statement to summarize the entire work. This is optional.
  • It contains a maximum of 250-300 words in a single sentence, i.e it is a one paragraph article.

Example of an abstract using our focus topic

Comparative evaluation of bread produced from wheat flour using four different concentrations of African Star Apple fruit coat as an improver. Fresh and ripe fruit of African Star Apple fruit were obtained from Meat Market, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. The fruits were sorted, washed and the coat removed with stainless steel knife. The coat were sun-dried and milled to flour and added at four (4) different concentrations of 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g to wheat flour which was used to produced bread. The Anti-nutrient and Vitamin C content of both African star apple and bread were analyzed, The sensory and physical properties of bread were also evaluated. The Tannin, Saponin, Phytate, Oxalate and Vitamin C content of the samples were significantly different (p>0.05). Samples A, B and E are significantly different (p>0.05) for all the sensory attributes except for the aroma where there was significant difference (p<0.05). The Physical properties of all the samples were significantly different (p>0.05) except for the baking/fermentation loss which was not different for all the samples.

The above abstract is just an overview of what an abstract is suppose to look like.

2. Chapter One: The next thing after abstract is to write chapter one. Chapter one is mostly an introduction to the work in preview. In this chapter, you are expected to give a detailed explanation of the keywords in the topic, the relevance of the keywords and why you are working with your choice sample.

There are a lot to point out in your introductory page but they should be an abridged form of the detailed information. Here, you will state the problem your research is aimed at solving, the objective and the justification of the study.

Every research is aimed at solving a problem. For instance, using our focus topic, the topic is trying to provide a natural improver to substitute the commercial improver used in bread making. Again, the coat of African Star Apple is known to be discarded after eating the pulp, so the topic is meant stopped the unnecessary wastage and littering of the environment.

Therefore, the writer must state clearly the problem, objective and justification of the study to aid better understanding.

3. Chapter Two: Chapter discusses the an overview of the sample(s) used in the research-definitions, types, production methods, uses, compositions, origin, sources, utilization, review from some other works related to the proposed project. In our example, the writer is expected to discuss about bread and its types, ingredients used in production, different compositions with different recipes among others, as well as African star apple, its origin, source, composition etc.

4.Chapter Three: This chapter of your work will talk about the materials and method used in the research-where the samples were sourced from, the method of preparation of the sample and the product (in the case of researches that involves production), the methods and procedures adopted in the analysis of the samples and the statistical method used.

There are methods and procedures contained in professional journals like Institutes of Food Science and Technology all over the world and the procedures and methods in them are recommended for use.

5. Chapter Four: In this chapter, the writer is expected to discuss the result obtained, their similarities, equalities and differences. This should be done using a table to aid understanding.

Please note that different tables are used to report unlikely parameters. For instance, the table for Vitamin C determination on the samples should be different while that of physical properties should be different from that of anti-nutrients determination and in that manner.

The statistical report for the data generated should also come under this chapter.

6. Chapter Five: The last chapter of your assay should be chapter five which is the conclusion aspect before the bibliography of the work. In this chapter, you summarize the research in a nutshell after which you recommend based on the results of the research.

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