WhatsApp Introduces Video Call – Recent Feature On WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp Introduces Video Call – Recent Feature On WhatsApp Chat

Following WhatsApp community’s top requests, the founder of Facebook and Whatsapp social media, Mark Zuckerberg, announces the introduction of WhatsApp Video call for everyone.

Mark revealed that this feature will work on devices as Android, iOS and windows. All you need to do is to tap the video call button and wait for the receiver to answer.

See Video How WhatsApp Video Call Works Below

The co-founder of WhatApp, Jan Koum said in an interview that WhatsApp video calls will be rolled out to its over 1billion in 180 countries within hours after the feature is introduced at an event in India.

Also in keeping with the WhatsApp security policy, this feature is fully encrypted to prevented unauthorized interruption on calls.

WhatsApp Introduces Video Call

















With this feature, users can swing thumbnail and show different positions and activities to the people they are chatting with.

See 3Easy To Use The WhatsApp Video Call Feature On Your Phone/Window

1. Open a chat with a friend or family

2. Tap on the ‘call button’

3. Select Video call from the list that comes out

After completing steps 1 – 3, you wait for the call receiver to answer

Mr. Koum also made mention that iphone introduced FaceTime video call to her users while Microsoft Company provides video call for its users on different platforms.

‘So we also looked for a way to satisfy our community’s want better, and here we are with WhatsApp video call for our over 1billion users all over the world.

WhatsApp Introduces Video Call – Recent Feature On WhatsApp Chat

This feature is embedded in the latest WhatsApp version 2.16.318, download this version and get started on it right now.

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Please note that you must be a beta user to enjoy this feature. If you’re a beta user but is still unable to make calls with the new version then you should delete the data and cache from the app.

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