Liverpool Against Everton │Sturridge Surprised Everybody After An Injury

Liverpool Against Everton │Sturridge Surprised Everybody After An Injury

Daniel Sturridge inclusion in Liverpool’s substitution list yesterday surprised everybody as the 27-year-old just recovered from an injury. He has not been involving in serious training all those while.

However, the team’s manager, Jurgen Klopp saw the need to feature the England player in the match. ‘He may not be that fit but I want him to play the game.

Liverpool’s match against Everton has never been an easy game right from time. However, Liverpool has always taken the winning side more than Everton.

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Liverpool Against Everton │Sturridge Surprised Everybody After An Injury

Liverpool Against Everton

Divock Mane and Team Mates Celebrate The Winning Goal

Yesterday, in Meyerside Derby at Goodison Park the trend continued as Liverpool beat Everton 1-0 towards the end of the match. This is the 227 times Liverpool and Everton are playing and Liverpool have taken a greater win side out of this time. Now, in their last 13 matches, Liverpool has continued to beat Everton.

This winning and others is pushing Liverpool to the better place in the Premier league since its beginning. For Klopp, it’s just a good one as the manager has been doing wonderfully well since he came in. He changed Liverpool’s football orientation, both in formation (4-3-3) and approach in the field.

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Liverpool against Everton match was not funny for the Reds although the match stat showed high possession for Liverpool. It would have ended in a goalless draw but Sturridge changed the story in the last minutes of the game.

Sturridge who replaced Divock Origi in the 82 minutes of the game, took just 12 minutes to give the match a new shape. Origi is good but not as good as a Sturridge.

Liverpool Against Everton

Klopp Celebrates Sturridge Performance In The Match

Although he (Sturridge) has been on injury since 26th of November, his contribution to today’s match is obvious. When you have Sturridge in the field, you don’t need to border yourself much.

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Daniel Sturridge played that remarkable shot at the 94 minute of the match which hit Joel’s (Everton) goalkeeper’s far bar. Sardio Mane just need a touch to complete the business. After the shot was reflected by the bar, Mane tapped the ball inside the net to give Liverpool 1-0 win.

This is the 1st appearance of Sturridge in a match after his injury but Liverpool has been doing well since then. ‘The England player will need time to pick up again in the field’ and we’ll wish he does that soon.

Liverpool still has Sunderland FC and Manchester City to battle with in their next matches.

Liverpool is now among the top teams in the Premier league with their rival Chelsea FC being the first and them second.


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