Download Facebook Lite Apk For Android/Blackberry/iOS – Free exe File v31.

This article is designed for the benefit of those who are looking for how to download Facebook Lite Apk for mobile devices.

Download Facebook Lite apk

I wrote this article in such a way that all mobile users will benefit not minding the type of mobile phone you are using.

Now, as we know Facebook Lite is a smaller Facebook app designed to serve Facebook users better. The app is an initiative of Facebook Inc. with the purpose of reducing data usage and chatting difficulty on Facebook social network.

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So, using Facebook Lite is like using an ordinary Facebook app but your benefits of using the Lite app is more.

As I mentioned above, our purpose here is to know more about Facebook Lite app and also how to download Facebook Lite Apk for all devices. Meanwhile, a lot of people may be asking what is actually the main difference with the formal Facebook app and the Lite app? Therefore, let’s see the important features of the Facebook lite app before we proceed with the download steps.

Important Features of Facebook Lite App: Download Facebook Lite Apk – Let’s Get Started

  • Easy and quick to download. Facebook Lite is smaller in size and therefore downloads fast
  • Fastest app with high page loading speed and uses less storage space
  • Facebook Lite helps you save money by consuming less mobile data
  • Supports all version of Android OS and its equivalent for other phones
  • Works on type of network starting from 2G to WiFi connection
  • Allows users to chat directly from their phone with any interference
  • Blocks ads and as such, users freely login and use their app

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This and more are the features of the Lite app. So, I think the next step is to show us the two download steps for this small app. There are two ways to download Facebook Lite apk and we are going to see them here.

Download Facebook Lite Apk Via App Store

  1. Open any app store in your mobile device, whether Play, iTunes, Amazon, Aptoide or other stores
  2. Type Facebook Lite in the search bar and search
  3. Then, tap on the app and click on Install to start downloading
  4. Once your download is complete, open the app enter your Facebook login details to continue using Facebook network

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Now, this is one to download the Lite app. Another way to do this is to get the direct exe file. That is to download the apk file. All you need to do here is to download a raw file of the app and complete the installation process yourself. To do that;

  1. Follow this download link
  2. Once the file download is complete, open the file and begin the installation
  3. When the installation is complete, open the app and complete enter your Facebook login details to login to your Facebook social network

That’s all! You have successfully installed your app after completing steps 1 – 4 above. Go ahead and chat with friends and family on Facebook.

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