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Hi guys! Let’s get down on Download Scannable For Android and iOS. Scannable as you may know is the best mobile scanner available on app stores especially iTunes store.

download scannable for android

Scannable provides the best way to move paper forward, thereby providing a better way to capture papers in form of documents and others.

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This documents and files captured by Scannable are quickly transformed to high-quality scans ready to send or share. Scannable is the right choice for most office works that requires fast delivery. All you need to do is to take a picture of the document or file you want to scan, transfer it to your Scannable app and quickly scan it. I will also discuss how to use Scannable here after we have seen how to download Scannable for Android & iOS.

Download Scannable For Android & iOS Via App Store

The truth is that Scannable app developed by Evernote company is not yet on Google Play store. The app is only available on the iTunes store for now. However, there are some other good scanning apps for Android and other device users. This will be discussed in the next sub-heading below. But at the mean time, let’s see how to download scannable app from iTunes store.

  1. Visit iTunes store for this download here
  2. Tap on the Download button to begin your download
  3. Then, enter your Apple username and password and continue with the download
  4. After the download is complete, open the app and complete other requirements.

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That is all for how to download the app through iTunes store. I hope you understood the steps well?

Now, let’s see to download other mobile Scanning apps for Android and other devices. It is totally free so you don’t have to border yourself much.

Other Scanning Apps for Android Users

Android users can download other scanning apps from Play store such as Genius scan, Tiny Scanner and others. All you need to do is to open Play Store from your phone, search for any of the scanning apps mentioned above. Click on the app to start downloading. Then, install the app after downloading. That’s all!

Now, let me show a simple tips on how to use Scannable app and other scanning apps. The procedure is almost the same.

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Steps On How To Use Scannable App

  1. Simply place a document, receipt etc on a table
  2. Point your device camera at the item to be scanned
  3. Hold your device to the item, moving it closer or further until the document-detection rectangle appears
  4. Once the countdown timer (animated circle) has finished, your scan is complete
  5. After scanning, the images are added to your scan tray. Swipe through (or tap on) the images in the scan tray to preview them. You may edit the image to your taste afterwards

Once the images are approved, you can:

  • Save directly to your device ‘Camera Roll’
  • Save directly to Evernote
  • Send via email or text message
  • Share with another compatible app

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