BlackBerry Partners Android: Free Secured Android Smartphones

BlackBerry Partners Android: Free Secured Android Smartphones

Ever since the introduction of Android smartphones, other companies that produce phones are on the move to upgrade their products to be able to compete healthily.

Blackberry is one of the companies that have been trying their best to introduce products that are amazing and can stand the test of time.

Blackberry producers have discovered that there are a lot of information and files that are suppose to be user’s secret but the handsets available before now couldn’t address that problem.

Secured Android Smartphones


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DTEK60 is Blackberry’s newest secured Android smartphones brought to the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market, India.

‘The introduction of DTEK60 and DTEK50 smartphones to India was possible through the partnership deal with Optiemus Infracom Telecom Enterprise.’

BlackBerry Partners Android: Free Secured Android Smartphones

According to BlackBerry’s Senior Vice President of Global Device Sales, Alex Thurber, “this is the first we are entering into this kind of partnership.” He pointed out that the deal has caused the handset to be marketed across the over 1.25 populated country.

He made this known during the official launch event in New Delhi on Monday. The partnership has helped strengthen our network in distributing handsets in India, he added.

See Features That Make BlackBerry’s Secured Android Smartphones Unique

Secured Android Smartphones


Secured Android Smartphones


  • Fully Android
  • Access to over a million apps on Google Play
  • 5.5″ or 5.2″ scratch-resistant display
  • Convenience Key
  • 8MP front camera with flash
  • 21MP or 13MP auto-focus rear camera
  • Fingerprint Sensor (DTEK60)



“The handsets come with a ‘DTEK by BlackBerry’ app, which automatically monitors the operating system and apps and lets the users know when their data and its privacy could be at risk.”


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