Google Authenticator App │Two-Ways Mobile Security Function

Hi Guys! This article contains what you are searching for – Google Authenticator App. I know you must have tried some other mobile security apps but you are not yet satisfied.

Don’t worry so much because in this post, I will introduce you to this wonderful app I discovered today. It’s known as Google Authenticator App, with two-factor authentication feature.

Google Authenticator App is a mobile security app that’s designed for both online and offline security of your accounts and services. The app does its work of protection using the X² Factor or Two – Factor feature.

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Google Authenticator App

It prevents unauthorized access to your website or services without your permission. Any account that is protected with Google Authenticator needs the two verification codes before access can be granted to any attempt to login.

With the two-factor authentication feature, it will be hard for a third-party to open or login to your account. It uses all possible factors such as knowledge factor, possession factor and bio-metric details to protect your website and account.

Unique Features/Benefits Of Using Google Authenticator App

  • Provides a two-step verification code system to protect your account
  • The verification codes can be generated without an internet connection
  • One Google Authenticator App can work on more than one website and/or account
  • Many background themes that you can select from. They make the app more interesting
  • Google Authenticator App supports both Android and iOS.
  • Built with integrated Barcode and QR scanner

Google Authenticator System is important to adopt when one wants to protect a very important website or an online account. This is because the app requires a two login steps after inputting your username and password to be able to grant you access.

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Now let’s rush to the main business here and it is to download this app and make it work on your accounts and websites.

First, what are they requirements for this app to work on your device.

  • Android version of 2.1 or above and iOS of 5.0 or above.
  • For iPhones, to set up the QR code, a 3G model or later is required.
  • An internet connection for all devices.
  • Device must be built to use English Language.

How To Install Google Authenticator App On Your Device

  1. Visit the app store on your device and search for Google Authenticator App
  2. You can also go to the official google download page
  3. Click on the app and wait for your download to begin
  4. After downloading, open the app and complete other requirements
  5. That’s it! The next step is to set up the app so that it will start working on your mobile

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How To Set-Up Your The App

For you to use the 2-step verification system, you need to complete the SMS/Voice setup on your phone. To do this;

1. Open your PC and go to the 2-step verification settings page.

2. Enter your Google account details and click on ‘Sign In’.

3. Then, open the Google Authenticator App on your phone.

4. Begin the setup and click on ‘Set up account’.

5. Now, to link your mobile device to your account; you can do that using QR code or Using secret key.

◊ To Use QR code: Click on ‘Scan a barcode’. Download the barcode scanner app if your authenticator cannot locate a barcode scanner. Point your phone camera at the QR code on your PC screen after the download to complete the scanning process.

◊ To Use Secret Key: Click on the ‘Enter provided key’ and type in your email address on the box provided for ‘Enter account name’. Type in the secret key on your computer screen in the ‘Enter your key’ box. Then click on ‘Add’. Select the key type to be Time Based before you click on Add. Verify that the code is working well and save the set-up.

You have successfully set-up your account. Remember to drop your comment on the box below so that we can know how you feel about this post.

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