21 Best PC Software You Need To Install On Your PC │Virginjist.com

21 Best PC Software You Need To Install On Your PC │Virginjist.com

Many PC users don’t know the Best PC Software to install on their PC so that they can derive maximum satisfaction from their PC/Laptop.

There are thousands of software that will reduce the performance of your PC and make it work at a slow rate.

You have bought a new PC and you are searching for good and trusted software to install on it. You’re at the right place to get those software and use to enjoy full utility of your PC.

I will show you trusted and best PC software in this article and how to download and install them.

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21 Best PC Software You Need To Install On Your PC │Virginjist.com

Let’s see the list, they are very important and easy to install on PCs/Laptops.

1. Anti-Virus Software

Generally, Anti-virus fights threat that would have rather destroyed your computer. They detect these spyware and formats them. They include;

◊ USB Disk Security: This is a software that prevents threats in form of viruses through plugging USB drives from your PC.

◊ 360 Total Security: This is an anti-virus that protects your computer from spyware and malicious software. The software prevents downloading of files with virus from the internet, and other sources.

◊ Norton Power Eraser: It detects hidden virus that cannot be seen by other anti-virus software and remove them automatically.

2. Web Browsers

Web Browsers are software that gives you access to the internet and allows you download and install anything including other software in this list. They include;

Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla Firefox allows you to browse the internet at a speedy rate with less data bundle. It’s an important PC software with its own add-ons to help add your own features.

◊ Google Chrome: This is an essential browser for your PC with shortcuts to many apps and media on the interface. Google Chrome allows you to synchronize your bookmarks, history, and settings across all devices.

Yandex Browser: Yandex Browser offers you a quick and secured access to the internet with its unique “turbo mode” feature that places it ahead of some other browsers.

3. Office Suite

These are another important software package for your PC. They enable you to manipulate data, office works and perform other multi-functions. These include;

◊ WPS Office Personal Editor: This office suite software gives you access to a lot of functions on your PC such as; PDF tools, word document, storage of files etc.

◊ Libre Office: This is a software developed by the Microsoft Company. It provides hundreds of office tools necessary to perform effectively in the office.

◊ Zoho Docs: Zoho Docs provide you with packages such as word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation packages to help you with office tasks.

4. Media Players

These allow you to entertain yourself with your PC through different formats – audio and video. The software under here include;

◊ VLC Media Player: This is a media player developed by VideoLAN project. Its features include; media server streaming, support many audio and video file format, transcode multimedia files among others.

◊ KMPlayer: This is a portable, free and open-source, cross-platform media player that allows you to play all formats of video and audio files. You can change its language to suit you because it comes in Multi-languages.

5. File Compressors

Many files on the internet are zipped and requires you to extract them before use. File Compressor software allow you to extract zipped and RAR files on your PC. They include;

◊ Universal Extractor: Universal Extractor is a useful software for opening archives, but it cannot create an archive. It only extract files allowing you to make use of them easily.

WinRAR: This is a popular file compressor used to extract a number of archive formats including ZIP and RAR on your PC. You can preview the files inside an archive before you actually extract them with WinRAR.

◊ Turbo Zip: Turbo zip is another compressor that enables you to unzip files. It also have a Cracker tool that will help you to recover lost or forgotten passwords for encrypted ZIP archives.

These set of software help your PC to function with optimal speed. They clean your computer’s memory and fix registry issues in it. They include;

◊ PowerTools Lite: PowerTools Lite is the first here. It helps you to fix your registry and clean it up so that it’ll perform fast.

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