Coin-Sized Car Tracker Device: See Things TrackR Can Do For You

Coin-sized Car Tracker Device: See Things TrackR Can Do For You

Many people have wondered if it will be possible for them to keep tab of their valuable devices from anywhere they are.

Have you ever thought about that? Do you see it as something impossible? Before now, you need to buy and install an expensive GPS system to keep track of your valuables.

You are tired of paying that high price and having to battle with a bulky device? Don’t worry your problem have been solved, all you need is the coined-sized tracker device.

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Car Tracker Device

With the tiny device, you can put track of your car and other devices from your smartphone and forgot the thought of loosing them at any instance.

Coin-Sized Car Tracker Device: See Things TrackR Can Do For You

What Is This Device?

It’s a small-sized device known as TrackR. It provides a simple and easy way of keeping track on things you value most. It was developed by a California-based company called Phone Halo. It’s also a GPS tracking device but in a reduced size to help you manage it well.

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How Does TrackR Works?

It is very simple. All you need is the TrackR app on your smartphone and the tiny device attached to your car, key, phone and others.

  1. First, open your phone’s app store (Google Play or iTune Store) and search for TrackR App.
  2. Click on the app to download.
  3. After the download is complete, open the app to complete other requirements.
  4. Connect the app to your device by clicking on the ‘Connect to device’ link.
  5. Then, attach the tiny device on any item you want to keep track of.

Car Tracker Device

How To Use TrackR Device

If you downloaded TrackR App and connected it with your device, then you are good and can now track your properties anytime from anywhere.

Attach the device to any of your item such as wallet, gadget, car, key etc. It is advisable for you to hide the device in an area that will be hard for anyone to find in case if you lose them.

Put it under your car floor mat, inside your wallet, beside your phone or any other hidden area.

If you loose any of the items that you have the device on, simply open the TrackR app from your smartphone and tap on the missing item. The exact location of the item will be shown to you and you can claim them back.

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Car Tracker Device

TrackR App allows you to use it on a number of items at the same time. To find your missing item will not take you more than 5 seconds. So why not get your own device now!

Where & How Much Can I Get The Device?

I’m happy you read this article up this point. It shows you are interested in getting the device working on your items.

Now, the company is giving out 4 TrackR device for every purchase of 4TrackR by anybody. So, make use of this opportunity and get as many TrackR device as possible. It’s sold at $29 (N11,020) and it’ll be delivered to your doorpost no matter your location within one week.

TrackR is available now only from the Company’s Official Website. Make order now for your device. You’ll receive it within one week anywhere you are.

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