Facebook Messenger Video Call feature is a feature added to Messenger in order to take your chatting experience to the next level. If you want to enjoy chatting with a person or group, then Facebook Messenger Video Call is for you. You can chat with a friend or a group of friends using your Messenger App for iPhone, iPad or Android.

facebook messenger video call

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In this article, we took time to explain the things involved in Facebook Messenger Video Call. We are going to concentrate on only the Messenger Video Call because we have earlier talked about how to make Facebook Video Call through a web browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. So, you are going to learn simple steps involved in making video calls using the Messenger App.

However, you should note that this feature is not yet available in all the countries. Meanwhile, there are some countries where Facebook Messenger Video Calling is available but certain Internet access providers and mobile carriers may restrict access to this service. Most times updating your Messenger App to the newest version can solve this problem while it doesn’t in other instances.

Facebook Messenger Video Call FAQ

Is Fb Messenger Video Call available in all countries?

Can I use Fb Messenger Video call to call a group of people?

Is there any latest version of Fb Messenger?

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Where is the icon for Video calling located?

Is Fb Messenger Video Call free of charge?

How To Video Chat With Facebook Messenger

The step is the same thing both for iPhone, iPad and Android users. So, no matter the type of device you are using, follow the steps below to enjoy Facebook Video Chat on your Messenger App.

  1. Log into your Facebook App and also Messenger through your phone
  2. Open a chat with a person or a group depending on what you want
  3. Then, tap on the video call icon at the top right corner of the chat screen
  4. Wait for some minutes for the person you are calling to pick up
  5. You can swap between the front and back camera to get maximum satisfaction from your chat. Simply tap on the Camera image at the top right corner of the page. That’s all!

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NOTE: You may not be able to call people whose phone(s) are not connected to the internet.

If you have followed the steps above and you are in an area covered by Messenger Video calling, then you will start enjoying free video call on your app. Note that Messenger video chat is free of charge, however, data charges may apply. Contact your mobile operator for more information on the charges.

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