Vimeo Videos: Download Vimeo App & Enjoy Quality Media

Vimeo Videos: Download Vimeo App & Enjoy Quality Media

YouTube is not the only video sharing website on the internet, there are other video sharing websites that has been in use on the internet for a long time now.

Vimeo Business is another video sharing giant on the internet that has modified features to enable you share your videos better on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Other Platforms.

The Vimeo business was launched in 2004 by a group that produce films called The “Vimeo Team”. Vimeo aims at improving your video marketing experience.

Vimeo platform allows you to upload your creative videos, share them with friends and others and also gives you opportunity to do same to other people’s videos. You can collaborate and review members.

Vimeo Videos: Download Vimeo App & Enjoy Quality Media

Why Vimeo Business?

It is true that YouTube has gotten its fame but Vimeo community is out to serve you better.

Things You Can Do On Vimeo Business

  • Create fantastic Videos with your Vimeo App
  • Upload videos to Vimeo and share them for others to see and comment
  • Collaborate people into your account in order to manage your videos better
  • Send and receive videos from others
  • Manage your videos by arranging them in albums and portfolio – You can store up to 5TB of video files
  • Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram and social media
  • Track your video performance and optimize your videos by creating videos with sound

Features To Enjoy On Vimeo Community

Enhancer Tool – 98% free addition of music to any video of your choice

Vimeo Video School – Handles you on important tutorials and lessons on how to create the best videos

Music Store – Compile music tracks that you can use with your videos in a defined folder

Creative Common Licensed Videos – Allows you to create professional and legal videos which are customized for just you. They may be people’s video but you can convert them to yours and they will be yours legally

Tip Jar – Recently introduced “tip jar” feature helps the user to create contents, which allows them to accept small cash payments from viewers who wish to tip you in appreciation for your work.

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Want To Learn How To Add  Vimeo Videos

  • Click on the ‘Add’ button on the left side of the Editor.
  • Tap the ‘Video’ button
  • Then click on Vimeo video, or drag it to the relevant location.
  • Click on the ‘Change Video’ button.
  • Enter the video’s web address URL under ‘What’s the video’s web address?’  button.

Please note that you need Vimeo App to do this. Need the Vimeo Downloader or App?  Click here.

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