Volvo Self-Driving Car – Why Volvo Self-Driving XC90 Failed Test

Volvo Self-Driving Car – Why Volvo Self-Driving XC90 Failed Test

This sounds difficult and impossible but I must tell you that it is a reality today. Before mid 2017 it will just be rampart and everywhere just like every other car.

Volvo Car Group has already launched self-driving Volvo XC90 car in Sweden with pedestrian detection and self-parking feature that brake itself when the driver is in stop-and-go-traffic.
A detector which detects objects and vehicles very close to it and applies the brake system to keep you safe in your journey is built into this Volvo car.

There are news in diverse places that the car failed the test-run conducted with it in a garage by hitting two people in front of it down.

Watch The Video of Volvo Self-Driving Car XC90

Volvo Self-driving Car (XC90 Model) is real and comes with a custom City Safety feature that enables the remote controller avoid colliding with another car while driving under a maximum speed of 30miles per hour.

The group’s spokesman, Mr. Johan Larsson said in a news that the video published by Dominican Republic, Remolacha did not truly represent the self-driving car. “There was an issue in the way the test was carried out”, and that is why those people in front of it where smashed,” he said.

Volvo Self-Driving Car – Why Volvo Self-Driving XC90 Failed Test

Mr. Johan added that “Volvo XC90 is built with ‘City Safety’ as a standard feature however this does not include the Pedestrian Detection Functionality.” This particular functionality is purchased differently and even at a high price, he said.

Volvo Self-Driving Car
Volvo XC90

This implies that “the people seen at garage in the video conducting the test may not have purchased the ‘Pedestrian Detection Functionality’ and even though they purchased it, there might be an issue in the way the test was conducted”, Larsson said.

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Human beings should not be used in conducting test-runs as it is very risky to do, Volvo Car Group warned earlier.

Mr. Larsson summarized by saying that ‘As of the question of whether Volvo Self-driving is real or not? The answer is that it is real and is part of Volvo Cars’ IntelliSafe approach, to help reduce stress for you and congestion on our roads.

The pedestrian detection feature is not that new, it has been in use since 2000 and was used in detecting cyclists in 2011. It is configured to work using a radar in the car’s grill and a camera located behind the windshield. According to IEEE, it costs about $3,000.

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