Latest Airtel Browsing Cheat For Android & BlackBerry Devices

Latest Airtel Browsing Cheat For Android & BlackBerry Devices

Airtel is introducing another browsing cheat that will intrigued you. It’s 100% free. You can browse the internet until you are tired. You only need DroidVPN to get this working on your device.

DriodVPN is an important app developed by DroidVPN Inc. Once installed and correctly configured, you’ll enjoy 24hours free browsing on the internet.

However, you have unlimited 100MB to make use of per day. Once this is used up, you will be charged for using the internet. You can subscribe to DroidVPN to exceed 100MB data daily.

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Let’s just flow down to a simple guide on how to go about Latest Airtel Browsing Cheat. I be showing you this guide with images to aid understanding.

Latest Airtel Browsing Cheat For Android & BlackBerry Devices

Importantly: What are the minimum requirements for DroidVPN?

See The Requirements For DroidVPN

1. Android Version: 4.0 and above. Blackberry that supports Android OS supported for Blackberry users. Android versions below 4.0 need a root.
2. Tun.ko Required: Working tun.ko for Android versions below 4.0. Get tun.ko here.
3. DroidVPN account: You need to register an account with DroidVPN. Visit and register.
4. Internet connection: You need an internet connection for DroidVPN to work.

These are just the minimum requirements. When you go ahead and download the app, you’ll see other details.

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Latest Airtel Browsing Cheat│How To Use DroidVPN

1. Visit and register an account there.

2. Then, go to Google Play Store – and download DroidVPN app.

3. After your download is completed, open the app and sign in. Enter your email and password correctly.

Airtel browsing Cheat
Login To DroidVPN

4. On the next page that appears, select Settings>Connection Protocol>TCP.

Airtel browsing Cheat
Select TCP As Connection Protocol

5. Go down the settings’ page and select ‘HTTP Headers’. Enable HTTP Headers by ticking the box.


Airtel browsing Cheat                                                            Select HTTP Headers Here

6. On the Custom HTTP Headers, type in the following command;

                   “Host:                                                                                                                             X-Online-Host:”

Airtel browsing Cheat
Type In The Above Command

7. Then, go back to the front page and click on the server at the top of the page. Select any of the free servers.

Airtel browsing Cheat
Select Any Of The Free Servers

8. Click on the ‘Connect’ link. The app will simply connect and you can start browsing free of charge.

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