How To Create Facebook Group Page – Manage A Group On Facebook

Create Facebook Group Page – Have you been looking for how to bring group of friends, family, schoolmates etc together in a group on Facebook in order to share old memories, photos, videos, make plans and lots more. Then, this article on How To Create Facebook Group Page – Manage A Group On Facebook, is designed to assist you to achieve your aim. All you have to do is to relax and let’s take you through the steps here.

create facebook group page

A great way to attract an audience and traffic you can use to build a list is to create a Facebook page, manage and invite friends to the group. In such a way, people in the group can easily see each members’ status on your account page. Without wasting much time here, let’s see the steps involved in creating a group on Facebook. We hope this helps!

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How To Create Facebook Group Page – Let’s Get Started Here

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account and go to the ‘Settings’ sections located at the top right corner of the page for web browser users or top left for Facebook App users

Step 2: Then, select ‘Create Group’ from the list of options on the Settings section. This will bring out a pop-up window where you can fill out the group details and create group

Step 3: Enter your Group Name and start adding some people to the group using their Names or Email Address depending on the one you can remember

Step 4: Then, setup the group’s Privacy, choosing whether it will be Closed, Public or Secret Group. See the difference between the three group privacy below.

Step 5: Afterwards, tap on ‘Create’ below the field and follow other instructions to complete the steps. That’s all!

Before we leave this page, what is the exact difference between the three privacy policy above?

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Facebook Group Privacy – What’s The Difference?

The privacy of the Facebook group entails who joins, posts, see posts, group name etc and who do not. So, it all depends on you as the administrator of the group to select which privacy settings you want to use. In both Closed and Public Privacy, anyone can join, be invited or added by a member of the group. But in Secret groups, new members are only invited by already existing members. To learn more about privacy settings, so that you can be properly guided, follow the link here.

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