15 thoughts on “7 Steps to Delete Imo Account Permanently│Deactivate Imo account – www.imo.im

  1. when i put my number the DELETE button not highlight thats why i am unable to delete my imo account. plz help me on this

  2. Maqsood rahman says:

    In my number we have two imo one of my and one of my friend so I want to.block my friend imo because he use my number so.please help me

  3. My imo account picture shows someone i dont even know. How can i fix it

  4. My friend used my imo account in her phone… She uninstalled it but when she install imo my account will appear… No more configuration code needed… She can open my account direct in her phone.. What should i do?! Please help me.. Thank you

  5. If delete my imo account, then it is easy way to remove chat from senders imo messenger or not

  6. How Deactivate Imo account i lose The Mobile But Another Guys Use The Imo Plz Till Me

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