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Most times we mistakenly write a Facebook Comment or Post that we do not intend to write and we seek for a way to edit these comments or posts before they spoil somethings for us. Meanwhile, these mistakes might be as a result of grammatical error or things we wrote out anger or dismay that are not suppose to be there. However, which ever way it is, the important thing here is to learn how to edit or remove these comments or posts.

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We shall be straight-forward here and take you through the process of editing or removing a Facebook comment or post. Nevertheless, you should note that this feature is not yet available on Facebook app. If you want to edit your comment on Facebook, you have to sign into your account through a browser (Chrome, Opera or Mozilla etc). Then, you follow the steps below to edit or remove your comment on Facebook. Meanwhile, you can edit your post through Facebook mobile App. Now let’s get down to something serious here.

How To Edit or Remove A Facebook Comment

If you are chatting on Facebook through a browser like Opera mini, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, you are going to learn how to edit or remove a Facebook comment from a post.

  • Sign into your Facebook account through any of the internet browsers
  • Get to the post where you have written a comment and want to edit
  • You will see a pen-like icon at the right end of the comment. Click on the icon and select whether you want to edit or delete the comment. If you are the one the one that updated the post, you can only delete other people’s comment but not edit them.
  • The, proceed to edit the comment or remove it totally and re-post

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How To Edit or Remove A Facebook Post

To remove or edit a Facebook post is as simple as removing a Facebook comment as described above. If you want to remove or edit an unwanted post on Facebook;

  1. Sign into your Facebook Account either through a browser or the mobile
  2. Open the post you want to edit
  3. Then, click on the drop-down like icon at the right end of the post
  4. Proceed to either remove or edit the post as you like. You cannot remove other people’s post but you can report them for spam or other things

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