How To Broadcast Live On Facebook – Facebook Go Live

Sign up Facebook account? Yes! Use Facebook Video and Voice Chat? Yes! Now, let’s go live and broadcast live on Facebook.

broadcast live on Facebook

Maybe, you’re amazed to see your friends on Facebook go live and upload a short video of what there are doing at the moment as if they are using SnapChat. Never to worry, because you too can do that and that ‘s the purpose of this article.

To broadcast on Facebook simply means to go live on Facebook. You record a video of what is happening around you at moment and upload to Facebook. It’s not a short video clip and as such you can end the video any time you want.

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This article is designed to help you join thousands of users already going live on Facebook. I hope this helps!

How To Broadcast Live On Facebook

This is not a difficult task to complete on Facebook. However, the only challenge you may have if you are using a PC for this purpose is when your PC do not have a front camera. Meanwhile, mobile users can freely use either the front or rear camera for this purpose. The steps to go live on Facebook include;

  1. Log into your Facebook account through a web browser or Facebook App
  2. Tap on the big box where Facebook asks ‘What’s On Your Mind’
  3. Then, tap on the ‘Go Live’ located at the top of the screen if you’re using a web browser or below the page if you’re using Facebook mobile app
  4. Tap on the ‘Go Live’ link on the next page to start your video
  5. Wait for some seconds for Facebook to access your camera and your video will start
  6. At the end of the video, tap on ‘Finish’ to save the video. The video will be uploaded immediately to Facebook News Feed. You can reload your page to see the video. That’s all!

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How To Broadcast Live On Facebook Group

  1. Open the group you want to go live on
  2. Tap on ‘Write or Say Something’
  3. Then, tap on the ‘Go Live’ icon on the page to start your video
  4. Wait for some minutes for Facebook to load your camera, then start the video
  5. After the video, tap on ‘Finish’ to post it to the group

How To Turn Notifications For Live Videos On or Off

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ at the top right corner of the page
  3. Then, turn notifications for Live videos ON or OFF from there. That’s just it!


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