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Already I have discussed with you on Imo app download for Blackberry. Here, I am going to discuss how to use Imo video calls & chat features on your device.

imo video calls

This article is very important because a lot of people use Imo app on their various devices but most of them don’t know how to video chat on the messenger.

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Although they use to hear  that one can make free video calls with his/her Imo app but up to now they can’t experience it themselves. If you have been looking for this feature on your Imo app but have not found it. You don’t need to worry again, here is the solution you have been looking for.

Now, before you proceed with reading up the tutorial steps here. I want to take out time and show you how to download Imo messenger app on your device. This will be for the benefit of those who do not have Imo on their phones. See the steps here.

How To Download Imo Messenger App

You can get Imo from Google play, iTunes, Aptoide or amazonThe steps to do that is very simple just as you do for other apps. 

  1. Visit the app store you want to download from (,,, or
  2. Search for Imo messenger from the store and select it once it appears
  3. Continue with the download step according to the store you are downloading from
  4. After your download is complete, open the app and proceed with the profile settings
  5. Setup your Imo account information and verify your number using the code that was sent to you. Your account is live after these steps.

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Once, you have setup your account information, you will be seeing your contacts that are also using Imo messenger to chat with. Now, the next thing is the business of the day which is how to use Imo video calls and chat.

How To Use Imo Video Calls –

Note: For you to enjoy Imo video call, your device must have a functional front camera to capture you during your video call. Also all video calls on Imo uses your data bundle and not airtime.

Once your friends from your contact list appear on Imo messenger, you can go ahead and initiate a chat with them. For Imo video calls, follow the simple steps below to initiate free imo video calls with your friends and family. Meanwhile they are two ways to achieve this. The first is;

  1. Open your Imo messenger through your phone
  2. Tap on the video call icon at the right end of a friend’s name to initiate the chat
  3. Then, place your front camera at the right position to capture your image
  4. Wait for your friend to answer the call so that you guys will start chatting

imo video calls

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Alternatively, you can initiate free Imo video call with your friends and family on Imo by;

  1. Open your Imo messenger
  2. Tap on the friend’s name to open a chat with the friend
  3. Then, tap on the video call icon located at the top right corner of the page
  4. Place your front camera well and wait for your friend to answer. That’s all!

imo video calls


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