Phone Cleaner App – Free Download Power Clean For Smartphones

Phone Cleaner App – Free Download Power Clean For Smartphones

Are you tired of your smartphone because it is slow and doesn’t allow you to enjoy its speed as it was when you bought it new.

You don’t have to dispose your phone, here is another optimize cleaner app that can back your phone anew for you.It is a superb one with additional features to let you enjoy the smartness of your phone again.

In the other article, I showed you how to download and use Power Battery saver to save over 60% life of your battery.

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In this write up, I will be introducing Power Clean App – 100% cleaner app for your mobile device. With this App, you can clean out all junk files, free up storage, boost your RAM, remove unwanted Apps and do other things.

Power Cleaner App is a high performance App that you cannot afford to resist downloading. It has modified features compared to other cleaner you can think of or have been using.

Phone Cleaner App – Free Download Power Clean For Smartphones

Why Power Clean App?

It is very simple. You device just need to come back to you anew with is initial speed in opening files and overall performance.

How To Get Started With Power Clean App

It is very simple.

  • Visit Google play store, Apple Store or BlackBerry World
  • Locate Power Clean App and click on it
  • Run the ‘Install’ option and accept the policy terms
  • Open the installed App and you are started

Note: The first thing that Power Clean will do is to check the available space on your device.

Phone Cleaner App

Features & Benefits To Enjoy On Power Clean App

  • Junk Clean – Within few seconds of download, Power Clean will erase cached and residual files from your phone and get your phone working with its initial speed
  • App Manager – Removes or disable unwanted App and back-up important ones
  • RAM Boost – Does this by disabling background Apps that are not in use at the moment and stop Apps that start by themselves
  • Device Information – Provides you the status of different parts of your device such as the CPU, RAM, Camera ROM , Battery and other parts
  • AppLock – Lock Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others and prevent them from unauthorized users
  • Game Boost – For those that likes playing games, Power Clean will give your game over 80% speed again

Read Pros & Cons Of The App

1. Supported on any type of smartphone, tablet and BlackBerry

2. Doesn’t support unwanted ads on your device

3. Provides avenue for removing junks, Apps with a little increase in the speed of device

1. Even though smartphones, tablets and BlackBerrys support the App it may not work on all of them

2. It makes use of notification toggle so you can blend the App with different devices.

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