MP4 Video Downloader App │Fastest App For Video Download

MP4 Video Downloader App│Fastest App For Video Download

MP4 is a digital multimedia container format of video files available for all videos one can think of.

Unlike other multimedia container formats, such as 3GPP, Web, Mkv, Flv and others, MP4 format is unique in the sense that the videos therein have better quality than others.

MP4 Video Downloader App is a special app that helps you to download any video directly from your device or from any website of your choice in just seconds.

Features & Benefits of MP4 Video Downloader App

  • Direct Download – The app allows users to download high quality videos directly from their devices.
  • Browse Online – You can visit any website of your choice via the app to download high videos.
  • Video File Folder – You can also create a stock of downloaded videos on your phone.
  • Video Share – With MP4 video downloader app, you can share videos to social media, friends & family.
  • Support all video formats such as MPK, AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, MPG.
  • Your download can be ongoing while you are watching another video.

Easy Steps On How To Download MP4 Video Downloader App

You are almost there to getting started with this all-in-one App. Complete steps 1-4 and you are good.

Step 1: Visit via any browser. You can also use Google Play Store from your device.

Step 2: Use the ‘Search bar’ to locate MP4 Video Downloader and select. It is advisable to use a WiFi network for the download.

Step 3: Click on ‘Install’ and accept terms of manufacturers to begin your download.

Step 4: After the download, open the app.

MP4 Video Downloader App │Fastest App For Video Download

Let me also teach you how to use the app in case if you have downloaded it. Again, it is just simple but technical. I will be showing you with images because I’m already among those that are enjoying the app.

See How To Use MP4 Video Downloader App

1. Click on the ‘Menu’ link at the top right hand side of the app’s front page and click on ‘Browse online’.


MP4 Video Downloader App

MP4 Video Downloader App

2. Type in the site you wish to download video from and search.

MP4 Video Downloader App

3. Click on the video you like to download and click the red arrow to begin download or just watch online.


4. See download progress of your videos and already downloaded videos from the side bar.

MP4 Video Downloader App

◊ You can create a folder for your videos and save them in it.



◊ You can share videos to social media, friends & family.

MP4 Video Downloader App

◊ Change your settings, such as storage location, language, network conditions from the menu list.

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