Power Battery Saver – Over 60% Battery Life Extension Wizard

Power Battery Saver – Over 60% Battery Life Extension Wizard

It looks as if power bank will soon go off the line. With the invention of power battery saver, you can now extend how long your battery will last by over 60%.

Power battery saver is a recent technology that helps you use your phone for long without looking for where to charge the battery or reduce the lifespan of the battery by using power bank.This professional battery saver works with both Android phones and tablets. It has features such as battery power monitor, configuring the power saver mode, memory manager and all round battery management.

See A list Of Features In Power Battery Saver Wizard

The most important features of this wizard include;

  • Accurately Estimates Remaining Battery Time – This tells how long battery will last under a variety of situation.
  • Power Saver & Monitor & Draining Detection – This detects apps that drain power while not in use and suggests to the user to turn on or off to extend battery’s life.
  • List information of device software and hardware – This tells how much power consume by apps running on your device.
  • Customize power saver mode – This let’s you set your own power mode (such as Wi-Fi on or off).
  • Memory Manager – This boosts and accelerates the speed of your device.
  • Detail battery information, such as voltage, temperature, capacity, etc.
  • Intelligent mode switching – Schedule time to switch the power saver mode auto and clean useless mode.
  • Power protection – This detects high power consumption apps and block them automatically.
  • Prevention of useless ads – This feature of Power battery saver helps you avoid downloading unimportant ads on your device.

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Easy Steps To Download/Install Power Battery Saver Wizard

1. Visit google play store @www.google.play.com

2. Use the search bar to locate Power Battery Saver and click

3. Click on Install and accept ‘terms and conditions.’

4. Click on ‘Open’ and follow the steps

Power Battery Saver

Power Battery Saver

Power Battery Saver

Power Battery Saver
















After completing 1 – 4steps, you have installed the wizard. You can now optimize each app on your device by clicking on ‘optimize’ then the apps.

With power battery saver you can get your Android or tablet running again like new. It’s 100% FREE optimizer.

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