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  1. Knowledge is power!!!
    I would like to address a vital issue at this moment. Many people argue that thebillioncoin is not a real crypto, or the assume that it is ponzi like mmm. I would like you know that at this point in time thebillioncoin is the fastest rising crytocurrency, if you argue this fact check coinmarketcap to see if tbc is not enlisted among the digital money. At this point I would advice do not waste this investment opportunity, many did 2009 in the case of bitcoin and missed the chance to be empowered financially of which I am the foremost. Invest today do not wait for tomorrow , buy and save some TBC. For purchase at a very affordable price, inbox me on facebook through facebook.com/osesylvaa or whatsapp +2348074609866

  2. Hello admin, please would love to know if you can tell nevtge sites that take TBC as their means of payment. I want to buy a laptop and other gadgets. Please reply, thanks and hope to hear from you.

  3. Hello admin, so can I deposit TBC to the bitcoin address?
    And if so can I also deposit directly to any bitcoin address?

  4. What will happen to my TBC wallet if my current phone or SIM card is stolen? Can I use a new SIM to have access to my wallet?


    How much TBC coins do you want to buy to start your investment?

    You can buy as much as you can afford to buy.
    MY ADVICE: Buy as much quantity as you can afford now. Remember the price goes up everyday by 1pm. You will never get the same price you buy today tomorrow.

    STEP ONE: Whenever you are ready to buy, the first thing you should do is – call us to ask for TBC current price.

    STEP TWO: Decide on how many units of TBC you are buying and multiply it by the current price we gave you.

    STEP 3: Pay or transfer the money for the total tbc coins you’re purchasing to any of our account with bank when needed:

    After payment, send your TBC Wallet to my mailbox

    Once we receive your payment details, confirm your payment, your TBC account will be funded immediately!

    That’s all

  6. how can i make transaction with the money in my tbc wallet… wince the send buttons haven’t been released yet. pls i need some help here thanks.

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