Pheed Download Apk For Android/Blackberry/iOS│Create & Share Multimedia to Inspire Friends

Pheed Download Apk For Android/Blackberry/iOS – Have you been looking for a way to share your contents, like images, videos, songs and text online? Do you want people to view and download your contents online so that you can make money from it?

pheed download apk

Maybe YouTube is not working out well for you. Don’t worry again! Pheed has come to solve your problems and also help you make money from your contents without stress.

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Pheed is more or less a social networking platform like YouTube where registered users share their contents no matter what type of content it is. People view and download these contents. In such a way, they make money for the content sharer and Pheed.

I discovered Pheed as I was searching for social video and picture sharing platform online other than Vimeo and YouTube. As you know, as our work to find you virgin and important gist that is trending. So, this is why you need to read through this post and start making money from those your contents online. Meanwhile, Pheed is a recent one, so let’s see what it has to offer to its users.

Important Features of Pheed│ Pheed Download Apk

  • Allows you to create and manage your own private channel without any interference
  • Share all kinds of voice note, audio files, and songs directly from your device or record them from Pheed and share
  • Upload a full album to pheed with one upload process
  • Up to 420 characters’ space to describe your content before uploading
  • One touch capture and share any size of photo to your pheed profile without cropping
  • You can re-share your contents if you want to Pheed from your Pheed channels
  • Get instant notifications about your contents
  • You can block users that you don’t like from viewing your contents
  • Unlike Twitter, Pheed allows you to set up who follows and does not follow you
  • View proposed live broadcasts events from your Pheed channel
  • More interesting, you can monitize your Pheed channel by placing a fee to your paywall. Users will have to pay a token before they view your contents
  • These and lots more are there in Pheed to enjoy.

Well, there is no need for much description. It’s best if you download Pheed Apk, then you will appreciate all of it all. Now, how do you download and use Pheed. Just follow the link below for Pheed download apk.

                               ♦ Pheed Download Apk…

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Easy Steps To Install & Use Pheed Downlaod

Now that you have downloaded Pheed raw file, the next thing is to install and start using your Pheed channel at once. Just follow our guide below.

  1. Open the file exe after downloading
  2. Click on ‘Install’ and allow the app to install for some minutes
  3. After the installation, open the app from your device and complete your profile requirements
  4. Invite friends & family immediately to your Pheed channel through your Pheed account
  5. Afterwards you can place a subscription fee to your paywall for users to pay you before viewing your contents. That’s just it!

Please feel free to use the comment box. Ask your question and share this post for you friends and loved ones to benefit.

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