World Top Richest Musicians – See Top 20 Richest Musicians & Their Net Worth

World Top Richest Musicians – See Top 20 Richest Musicians & Their Net Worth

In this 21st century, music is one of the major lucrative venture people have engaged into. To succeed in the music industry is very simple.

Artistes with good producers are making fame and money with every release into the market. However, there are a lot of competitions in the industry as nobody wishes to be hidden in anyway. Artistes need their albums to sell and their fans satisfied.

This article picks out 20 out of the thousands of wealthy musicians in the world. The list is not as it was last year, it has changed and this is a prove that the music industry is competitive.

World Top Richest Musicians – See Top 20 Richest Musicians & Their Net Worth

15. Bruce Springsteen $345 Million (America)

World Top Richest Musicians
Bruce Springsteen

The American musician, songwriter and a bandleader has helped shaped American music through his works and is currently an awardee of President Obama’s Medal of Freedom 2016.

Bruce has performed at many concerts since 1945 both in America and outside America. He is best rated for his work with his band group, “E Street Band”.

More than five decades ago, he bought a guitar and learned how to make it talk.  Since then, the stories he has told, in lyrics and epic live concert performances, have helped shape American music.

Bruce have a lot of awards to his credit. In 2010 he received an award of Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance for his song, “Working on a Dream” but before then he has already won a deal with Columbia recording studio.

He has also received 20 Grammy Awards out of 49 nominations which includes Song of the Year for Street of Philadelphia from the film, Philadelphia.  His net-worth is presently $345 million.

14. Ringo Starr $350 Million (Britain)

World Top Richest Musicians
Ringo Starr

Richard Starkey, Jr. whose stage name is Ringo Starr, started his music career as a drummer in the band group “The Beatles” from Liverpool.

Today Starr is a known singer-songwriter, actor and musician whose songs have impacted America greatly.

Before 1962 when he joined The Beatles, he had already joined four other bands such as Eddie Clayton, Clayton Squares, Rory Storm and The Hurricanes. He is noted for his lead vocals and did a lot of them with The Beatles Band.

However, Richard formed his own band “Ringo Starr” in 1989 after he is done with The Beatles and ‘Ringo Starr has carried him to many countries of the world. He is a current net-worth of $350 million.

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13. Master P $350 Million (America)

World Top Richest Musicians
Percy Robert

Percy Robert Miller fondly called Master P is an American Rapper, actor and entrepreneur who has his source of wealth from music and business.

Miller gained fame in the mid-1990s with the success of his hip hop music group “TRU” as well as his fifth solo rap album “Ice Cream Man”, which contained his first single “Mr. Ice Cream Man”.

His assets in 2001 was estimated at $361,000,000 and he earned $160,000,000 in 2003. He is ranked ‘America’s Richest Forty’ presently and is known for his high business acumen.

He is the president-CEO , founder of “No Limit Records”, also the founder of P. Miller Enterprises, an entertainment and financial conglomerate and Better Black Television. His current worth is estimated at $350 million.

12. Mick Jagger $360 Million (America)

World Top Richest Musicians
Mick Jagger

Jagger is the lead vocalist of the famous rock band “The Rolling Stone” and has done a lot of albums with his counterpart, Keith Richard. He is a popular songwriter, singer and musician in the UK.

Sir Michael Phillip (Mick Jagger) has spent 50years in his music career and has been noted as one of the most popular ‘Rock & Roll’ legend.

He started shooting films between late 60s and have featured in movies such as ‘Performance’ and ‘Ned Kelly’.

Mick Jagger rose to stardom after releasing his first solo album “She’s The Boss” in 1985 after which he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. He has a current net-worth of $360 million.

World Top Richest Musicians – See Top 20 Richest Musicians & Their Net Worth

11. Jimmy Buffett $430 Million (America)

World Top Richest Musicians
Jimmy Buffett

James William Buffett popularly known as Jimmy Buffett is the 11th on the World Top Richest Musicians list. He started his career in music in grade school where he played the trombone for his school.

Buffett is an American business tycoon and a songwriter whose source of wealth is diversified but he is known for his music talent. He was the first to combine folk and country music with coastal lyrical themes to produce a sound which he called “gulf and western”.

He is a member of “Coral Reefer Band” and did  a lot of hits personally and with his band group. “Margaritaville” one of his hit songs is ranked 234th on the Recording Industry Association of America’s list of “Songs of The Century”.

Jimmy’s sales record in 2013 was above $60,388 while his earnings in 2015 was above $36 million. His current net-worth is $430 million.

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